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Announce all your News in one place

From your blog feed and twitter updates to upcoming shows, let your fans follow your every move.


Link directly to your twitter feed (or multiple accounts) and show all of your tweets and/or @mentions from the past week.  Drag the table down to automatically update the view with your latest tweets.

Shake to update

With a quick shake, your fans get the latest entries without having to reload the app.

What else is in this section:


Post your upcoming shows and all the details including Venue, Date, Time, Cost, and any specifics. 

Maps & Tickets

Fans can get a map & Google Maps directions to each of your shows.  Sell tickets to the show by linking to your sales page (i.e. Ticketmaster, etc.)

Use your existing Social Networks

Update your blog and show entries directly from your ArtistData.com account or Wordpress Blog feed.  Don’t have an account for shows?  No problem, it’s free and easy to set up.  Even if you don’t get an Anywhere Artist app, it is the best place to keep your feeds organized.  Sign up today at ArtistData.com.

Still unsure about Anywhere Artist or have an unanswered question, please email us at: contact@anywhereartist.com

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