Take your promotion to a whole new level

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Expand your reach with cross-promotion

One of the greatest features of the Anywhere Artist service is that your app will show up as a suggested app on other artist’s apps in the Anywhere Artist “Discover” section.  Leverage the fan base of every artist on the Anywhere Artist platform to help propel your music to the top of the music scene.

Imagine the possibilities. Get Discovered

When your app is released, you automatically pick up potentially hundreds of thousands of Anywhere Artist listeners to download your app.  Spending hundreds or thousands on promotion?  You’ll be asking yourself “why?” when you see the results.

Go Anywhere Artist Viral

Over the last year, analytics have shown that over 25% of Anywhere Artist users download more Anywhere Artist apps through our Discover feature.  They find new artists, click the blue arrow, and quickly get to the download page in the Apple iTunes App Store.

Get Targeted Fans

With genre and location information on every Anywhere Artist app, users that explore the Discover feature find the artists they are looking for.  Live in Atlanta and looking for a new artist to see live?  Click on the pin and the artist name appears for you to download.  It’s that easy.

Still unsure about Anywhere Artist or have an unanswered question, please email us at: contact@anywhereartist.com

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